KUNZMANN milling machines: precision made in Germany

High-quality milling machines made in Germany with up to five axes for manual, hybrid, and CNC milling – for single-part production and small batches

Conventional manual milling and CNC milling with KUNZMANN milling machines

The name KUNZMANN stands for high-class milling machines and machining centers. Since 1907, KUNZMANN has been constructing and distributing machine tools with up to five axes for manual, hybrid, and CNC milling. KUNZMANN machines are succesfully used in high-precision metal processing for single-part cutting and small to medium component batches.
KUNZMANN is the European market leader in the section manual milling machines.
Our milling machines are manufactured in Remchingen, South Germany, and sold to customers in the metalwork industry all over Germany and around the world.

10 reasons to buy a KUNZMANN: This is why KUNZMANN milling machines and machining centers are outstanding.

  1. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine is highly productive.
    Major dynamics and performance with a high torque and a spindle speed of up to 18,000 rpm for powerful cutting operations with state-of-the-art tools and milling strategies
  2. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine is an all-rounder.
    Whether your machine is used for manual, hybrid, or CNC milling: Each KUNZMANN machine can be equipped with various options, automation solutions, and accessories. In this way, we can design a milling machine that meets your individual requirements and remains flexible for numerous applications.
  3. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine is highly accurate.
    Our machines made in Germany guarantee perfect cutting results.
  4. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine is easy to operate.
    Whether you want to use our machines manually oder via CNC programming: We make milling operator-friendly. You may choose between a HEIDENHAIN or a SIEMENS CNC control.
  5. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine is solid and sturdy.
    Our solid construction concept makes our machines smooth running and your milling surfaces perfect.
  6. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine is safe and secure.
    Machine safety is provided through our collision protection feauture. Operator safety is guaranteed thanks to our extensive safety equipment. Your operators will be safe at any time during both manual and CNC operations.
  7. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine is easy to maintain.
    Our modular construction and elaborate ergonomy concept make maintenance operations easy and convenient.
  8. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine comes with a reliable after-sales service.
    Our fast und experienced after-sales department also offers remote maintenance services.
  9. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: Each milling machine is an investment in the future.
    Durable, high-quality components guarantee reliability and precision for years and decades.
  10. reason to buy a KUNZMANN: For each milling machine we will have spareparts long after your purchase.
    We can guarantee a long-term spare part supply for our milling machines and machining centers.

All-rounder: Milling machines for manual milling and CNC operations
Each KUNZMANN machine – manual, hybrid, or CNC operated – can easily be adapted to your individual needs. This is why our milling machines stand out in their flexibility and multifunctionality.

Milling machines with a control of your choice
Everyone has its own preferences. For many of our machines you may chose between different types of

        • The practice-oriented HEIDENHAIN TNC 128 positioning control
        • The compact HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 CNC control
        • The high-end HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 CNC control

KUNZMANN milling machines and their fields of application:

        • Corporate or cross-corporate training of apprentices in the metal work industry
        • Further training of metal workers, e.g. qualification as technician or foreman
        • Machine component repair
        • Maintenance of machines and plants
        • Upkeep of machines and plants
        • Single-part production or small to medium-sized batch production

KUNZMANN has the perfect milling machine for you, too.
We offer a wide range of different machine types and options.

        • Conventional manual milling machines and hybrid milling machines with CNC support have been used in training, repair, und maintenance for years. They owe their success to their high precision, durability, and operator-friendly design.
        • Our CNC machines are the perfect solution for conventional tool and mould making, single-part manufacturing, and small batch production.
        • For medium-sized batches we meet your requirements with our machining centers.

KUNZMANN offers a wide variety of milling machines and machining centers.

        • Universal Milling Machines
        • Milling and Drilling Machines
        • Manual Milling Machines
        • Hybrid milling machines: Choose between manual milling and CNC manufacturing.
        • CNC Milling Machines
        • Vertical Machining Centers
        • 5-Axes Tool Milling Machines
We offer a life-long support for you and your milling machine with the follwing services:
          • Purchase advice Do you need a manual milling machine? Do you need a conventional machine with CNC support? Do you need a purely CNC operated machine? We help you in finding the perfect milling machine for your manufacturing needs and applications.
          • Installation and start-up We support you during delivery, SAT, and initial operation.
          • Training Our technicians train you on your new machine and give you valuable insider tips. With our help, you are immediately ready to start milling manually or with CNC support.
          • Service Hotline We inform you about milling applications and support you in programming your machine.
          • Customer Service In case of emergency, our experts are on your side to solve any problem.
          • Maintenance and Remote Maintenance Thanks to our monitoring, your milling machine is always up to date and well-functioning. If you need instant support, we are happy to help you via remote maintenance.
          • Automation Would you like to optimize your manufacturing with longer operating times and unmanned operations? We have the perfect automation solution for you.
          • Machine Upgrade Whenever your operational requirements change, we can change your machine accordingly.
          • Machine Overhaul Even the best and most solid milling machine ages: so does a KUNZMANN. With a complete machine overhaul, we give your machine a second life.

KUNZMANN milling machines are used in institutions and companies all over the world.
Our machines’ flexibily and diversity is reflected in the various fields of application where they are used.

Manual, hybrid and CNC operated KUNZMANN machines are used in the following sectors:

        • Engineering
        • Professional training
        • Fixture construction
        • Prototype construction
        • Tool making
        • Mould making
        • Research
        • Craft
        • Automotive
        • Medical engineering
        • Pharmaceutical industry
        • Aerospace
        • Maintenance