KUNZMANN StateViewer

Digitalization of your milling machines and organization of your complete machine park

KUNZMANN StateViewer: Encourage your trainees to work indepedently and supervise your milling and drilling machines effectively.

The market is flooded with customary sofware for digitalization and interconnection of machines and factory equipment. But these solutions usually lack the individual accuracy each machine requires.
KUNZMANN thus constantly develops unique compatible software solutions and improves the fields of application for everyday machine use.

KUNZMANN tries to target each and every area of machine application:
– open system for own databank contents
– support in creating specialized training concepts
– location-independent monitoring functions including remote access

Digitalized training machines

For innovative professional training in the context of Industry 4.0

Individual and autonomous learning

Individual configuration of software and machines

Service Manager
Preventive maintenance and monitoring for perfect machine running time

Display of any current information and actual machine state, e.g.:
– Feed/spindle speed
– Doors open/closed
– Potentiometer
– Temperatures
– Modes of operation
– Machine functions
– Livestream camera

Important information on a single click:
– Operating instructions/control manuals
– Video tutorials
– Data transfer
– Individual configuration
– Remote acces to control and machine

Maintenance Manager:
– Error messages
– Preventive maintenance
– Service shop
– Maintenance status
– Spare and wear parts

Organization from milling machine to coffee maker:
– Manual use of Information Desk and Service Manager

PREMIUM: Individual Learning

Extended individual mentoring options

– Help request / messenger functions
– (Group) individual licensing of machine access
– Creation of service file and service request on a single click

KUNZMANN StateViewer
The new digital dashboard for KUNZMANN miling machines