Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct aims to ensure that employees of KUNZMANN behave in a moral, ethical and legally correct way at all times. It defines guidelines for the maintaining of responsible relations with our stakeholders, especially with customers, suppliers, staff and other business partners. Commercial decisions and actions must comply with applicable legislation both in Germany and abroad.
In the interests of achieving a form of company management that is both responsible and aligned towards sustainability, KUNZMANN expects that its business partners involved in the value-added chain will also adhere to the Code of Conduct.
The executive management of KUNZMANN is charged with monitoring the following areas in particular.


I. Dealing with staff/health protection and health and safety at work

• Employee rights

We act in accordance with the respective national statutory stipulations set out in employment law. This particularly applies in respect of the right to freedom of association, observance of (minimum) remuneration and regulations on working time.

• Human rights/prohibition of

child labor/forced labor
Any form of child or forced labor is entirely rejected. Internationally recognized human rights must be respected.

• Health and safety

in the workplace
Appropriate measures such as a preventative and robust health and safety at work policy and a secure and healthy working environment are in place to ensure that the safety and good health of employees are maintained. Statutory and internal fire safety rules are observed.

• Non-discrimination

No one may suffer disadvantage on the grounds of gender, color of skin, age, nationality, religion, social origin, sexual orientation or disability. This applies with regard to aspects such as recruitment, promotion, the approval of continuing training measures and conduct vis-à-vis external business partners.

II. Environmental protection

We support sustainability by making economical use of resources and avoiding risks to the environment. KUNZMANN operates an Environmental Management System pursuant to the ISO 14001 standard. Consumption of energy and water at our company site is monitored on an ongoing basis in order to identify potential areas where savings can be made. Installation of our machines is a key business focus, and this means that environmentally friendly production practices on the part of our suppliers are important in terms of taking an overall view of the value-added chain. We are mindful of the need to achieve a continuous improvement in energy efficiency when developing new products or pursuing the further development of existing products.

III. Behavior in business relations

• Fair competition
As a medium-sized company and hidden champion operating in a highly competitive market, KUNZMANN does not view infringements of competition law or even of anti-trust regulations as being a superordinate risk. Employees of KUNZMANN are not permitted to exchange confidential company information (prices, production capacities etc.) with competitors.

• Export and custom laws

KUNZMANN complies with the relevant national and international foreign trade regulations when conducting import and export business, including in respect of “dual-use goods” which may be subject to approval.

• Conflicts of interest

A conflict of interest may occur when the private interests of a KUNZMANN employee collide with or could collide with those of KUNZMANN. Such matters need to be approached in a transparent manner. KUNZMANN expects its staff to act only in the best interests of the company.

• Plagiarism and industrial property

KUNZMANN is highly dependent on the reliable supply with sub-assemblies and components. Such knowledge sharing requires a certain degree of trust. . The industrial and proprietary rights of third parties must be respected. We expect our business partners to do the same.

• Data privacy

Compliance with the statutory requirements regarding the processing of personal data is essential in order to protect the privacy of staff, customers and suppliers. KUNZMANN employees receive regular training on the topic of data protection.

Dipl. Kfm. Klaus-Peter Bischof
Managing Director/CFO
Dr.-Ing. Florian Kirchmann
Managing Director Engineering

Code of Conduct