WF 610 CNC


KUNZMANN’S WF 610 CNC is a flexible all-rounder for milling and drilling in complex part production and 3D processing. The manual mode allows fast and efficient processing of single parts in the conventional way.

The WF 610 CNC is based on a FEM-optimized cast construction with linear guideways. This guarantees perfect stability and high dynamics and speed at the same time.

A fast tool changer that can be loaded during machining and internal cooling through the spindle give the WF 610 CNC a productivity level that has yet to be matched.

The WF 610 CNC design focuses on the operator – a machine built by practitioners for practitioners. The WF 610 CNC is a compact machine and requires only a small installation space.

Additional tool, such as the KUNZMANN StateViewer, make the WF 610 CNC a state-of-the-art machine for digital training and interconnected manufacturing.

The special KUNZMANN features:

High precision

  • absolute linear encoders and ground ball screws in all axes for precise positioning and high repeatability
  • modern gearless machine construction with direct drives reduces heat input to a minimum
  • electronic temperature compensation of the Y axis ensures

Linear guideways

  • higher dynamics and precise positioning due to linear guideways in all axes
  • harmonic machine motions and consistently high accuracy due to linear guideways in all axes
  • outstanding running smoothness allows for the slightest simultaneous movements of several axes
  • wide guidance distances provide for additional stability
  • low guideway wear results in high long-term accuracy and long lifetime
  • efficient processing strategies, such as trochoidal milling, reduce processing time and tool wear


At KUNZMANN, operator convenience and ergonomics have always been the focus of design. Operating elements are perfectly positioned and the operator finds them intuitively.

  • perfect access to working area due to two large angled slide doors
  • direct table access by crane
  • clamping table can be positioned vertically to reach the ergonomically perfect height for loading
  • optimum view on working area from different angles through large windows
  • rotatable control panel and electronic handwheel support operator in setup and retooling
  • service-friendly arrangement of maintenance-relevant components