Vertical Machining Center BA 1100 L/H


State-of-the art universal vertical machining center for single part and batch production of small and medium lot sizes

The BA 1000 L/H is oustanding with its large 750-mm Y axis.

The special KUNZMANN features:


  • BA 1100 L: X/Y/Z axis: 1,100 x 750 x 650 mm
  • BA 1100 H: Z axis of 900 mm for an even more convenient working area
    X/Y/Z axis: 1,100 x 750 x 900 mm


  • FEM-optimized cast cross construction with C-column that carries the vertical spindle and the tool changer
  • unique working area with large Y (750 mm) and Z (up to 900 mm) axes – perfect for manufacturing cubic workpieces
  • linear guideways in X/Y/Z axis for dynamic axis travelling
  • large ball screws in all axes guarantee high stability
  • pneumatic adjustment of the counterbalance in the Z axis supports ball screws, ensures dynamic axis movement, and improves surface quality.
  • numerous manufacturing options due to different spindle types
  • highly efficient manufacturing process due to 38-/60-pocket tool changer
  • The standard BA 1100 is equipped with a slat-band chip conveyor and an individually adjustable bath rinsing.

Machine accuracy

  • ground ball screws in all axes provide high-precision positioning and repeatability
  • constant spindle temperature due to standard spindle cooling unit
  • direct incremental linear encoder systems, sealing air-protected in all axes for precise processing (option)


  • directly accessible working area due to spacious front doors
  • The machine table has a comfortable height (approx. 1,000 mm) and can be closely driven towards the front doors for optimum access to the clamping table and the workpiece.
  • The movable and height-adjustable control console and the electronic handwheel facilitate machine setup and retooling.
  • The smooth, inclined interior surfaces facilitate chip drain and cleaning.
  • Additional service doors on both cabin sides make this machine particularly service-friendly.