The popular hybrid milling machine has been optimized to meet the requirements of EDUCATION4.0: the digital and interactive training environment of tomorrow.
In cooperation with our partner company WEILER, KUNZMANN developed the digital training concept EDUCATION4.0, thus turning metal training into a modern and more attractive educational field.
EDUCATION4.0 is a didactic learning approach created especially for the purposes of metal cutting training.

The special KUNZMANN features:
• Highly flexible hybrid milling machine in new EDUCATION design
• Solid construction due to hardened and ground flat guideways in all axes
• Manual handwheels for all axes
• Ergonomically convenient machine with spacious front and side door and control panel with large pivoting radius
• Extra convenient due to electronic handwheel
• Energy-saving due to automatic shutdown function
• Maintenance-friendly due to automatic central lubrication system and separate coolant tank
• Organize your workshop with our digital dashboard StateViewer Premium
• Grant machine access in accordance with training progress centrally via StateViewer
• Convenient Heidenhain TNC 620 contouring control with touchscreen
• Virtual training material (option) based on the machine’s digital twin for classrooms and “for the road”