WF 650 MS


The WF 650 5AX is a state-of-the art high-performance universal milling machine for precision single and variable batch production with a perfectly accessible working area.

The WF 650 stands out with a spacious working area while having compact overall dimensions and a maximum height of no more than 2.30 m
– an ideal solution for low workspaces.

The WF 650 is equipped with a high-speed motor spindle,
which can be swiveled manually. If required, we can combine your milling spindle with a digital readout for the manually tiltable B axis.

The special KUNZMANN features:

  • elaborate cast iron column design with high stability and inherent rigidity
  • high-performance motor spindle incl. cooling unit, manually pivotable -5/+95°
  • standard 38-pocket tool changer
  • clearance-free profile roller guideways
  • distance-coded linear encoders
  • ergonomically convenient machine with spacious front and side door
    and thus perfect workroom accessibility