WF 610 MA


The KUNZMANN WF 610 MA is a state-of-the-art conventional milling machine
with a 3 axis digital readout.

The main sphere of application is the manufacturing of precise individual parts and small series in tool and fixture construction. This modern milling machine is outstanding in its high productivity, maximum precision and simple handling.

The special KUNZMANN features:

  • stable cast iron column with horizontal/vertical spindle and manual quill
  • hardened and ground flat guideways in all axes
    for maximum stability
  • zero-clearance ball screws for climb and up-cut milling
  • automatic axis clamping ensures operational safety and guarantees a consistently high long-term accuracy
  • continuous feed and speed control
  • high-torque main drive with automatic transmission
  • hydraulic tool clamping
  • manual handwheels in all axes
  • separate 66 l coolant tank
  • overall ergonomic and convenient operation
  • Heidenhain 3 axis digital readout
Longitudinal 610 mm
Cross 400 mm
Vertical 450 mm
Main spindle drive (100%/25% of duty cycle) 8.5/16.2 kW
Spindle speed 1-4,500 rpm
Tool taper SK 40
Feed up to 5 m/min
Readout Heidenhain Digital Readout
Weight approx. 2,000 kg
Rigid angular table
Clamping surface 800 x 425 mm
T grooves 6 x 14 H 7
Table load 300 kg

Rigid angular table

Clamping surface: 650 x 375 mm
T grooves: 5 x 14 H7
Table load: 250 kg

Universal tilting/swiveling table

The universal tilting and swiveling table allows the operator to position the workpiece in different angular positions.
Adjustment is done manually by handwheel.

The rotation angle of the clamping plate is digitally indicated on the control display.

Clamping surface: 650 x 395 mm
T grooves: 5 x 14 H7
Load: 220 kg

Electronic handwheel

The portable device supports the operator in setting up and retooling the machine due to a close view on the working area.
The handwheel features axis buttons, buttons for feed rates and control buttons for the machine.

Plexiglas splash protection and arbor holder

The protective windows are attached to the angular table and can be hinged up and down.

The arbor holder is an additional device for horizontal milling.
It allows the use of long cutter spindles with one or more disk milling cutters up to a diameter of 150 mm.

Minimum-quantity lubrication system

As an alternative to conventional cooling, tools can also be cooled with an oil-air mixture over special cooling nozzles.
This technology allows dry and waste-free manufacturing.

CNC dividing unit

The CNC dividing unit is applied for direct and indirect dividing using a direct dividing plate and a 24-notch dividing plate.

Center height: 100 mm
including tailstock

The standard WF 610 MA is equipped with a Heidenhain 3 axis digital readout.

Heidenhain 3 axis digital readout

Two basic functions can be called via switch key:

1. Manual operation (3 axis digital readout)

  • Traversing with axis direction buttons
  • Operating manual handwheels
  • Incremental jog function
  • Quill for manual drilling

2. Positioning

  • KUNZMANN positioning function:
    Setting and automatic paraxial traversing of an axis positioning block with:
    – incremental and absolute dimensions
    – radius compensation
  • Quill for manual drilling

You can download our product brochures and layouts here:

KUNZMANN WF 610 MA product brochure

KUNZMANN WF 610 MA layout